Grow with Reynolda Gardens

With more than 130 acres of historic landscape, including Formal Gardens, trails, and greenspace, Reynolda Gardens provides a place for respite and recreation for thousands of visitors each year. By supporting one of the following Grow with Reynolda Gardens projects, you can help propel this beloved destination forward to meet short-term, high-impact goals that will enable Reynolda to better serve the Winston-Salem community. 

To learn more about how you can support one of these or other projects, contact Jon Roethling, director of Reynolda Gardens, at or 336.758.3483, or Sarah Blackwell, director of advancement, at or 336.758.5885.

Tuteurs in the Historic Rose Garden

Funding needed: $10,000
Return the vertical element missing from the Historic Rose Gardens with eight, tall structures that will support climbing plants and enhance the design and beauty of the garden landscape.

Irrigation for Perennial Beds

Funding needed: $5,000
The newly renovated perennial beds in the Formal Gardens will benefit from their own irrigation zone. Currently, they are part of the zones that irrigate the vegetable gardens. A new system will allow the vegetable gardens and perennial beds to have their own separate zones for the most appropriate irrigation.

New Brick Walkways in the East Arbor

Funding needed: $15,000
The walkways extending above the east garden feature (arbor) are currently mismatched—one is brick, while the other is a mulched path. Funds raised will allow for the removal of the existing brick path and the building of two matching brick walks that will extend from the road down to the entrance into the Lower Formal Gardens and East Cherry Allée.

Sponsor a Summer Internship

Funding needed: $7,000
With your support, Reynolda Gardens will launch a structured summer internship program for students. Funding will ensure the Gardens can offer fair and equitable pay to a diverse corps of interns who will advance their knowledge of horticulture, engage with volunteers and visitors, and work on special projects in support of the Gardens’ mission for the community.

Convert to Electric Battery-Powered Tools

Funding needed: $8,500
To shrink our carbon footprint and to be better stewards of the environment, Reynolda Gardens will transition away from gas-powered tools where possible and switch to cleaner, electric battery-powered alternatives for blowers, chainsaws, edgers, and string trimmers, among other landscaping equipment.

Electric Utility Vehicle

Funding needed: $15,000
As Reynolda Gardens expands its work throughout its 134 acres, it is necessary to add another utility vehicle to the fleet. Similar to its efforts with power tools and equipment, the Gardens will transition from gas to electric battery-power with the addition of a new utility vehicle.

Reynolda Comprehensive Future Use Plan

Funding needed: $150,000
Reynolda is in need of a comprehensive vision that will enable the historic estate to thrive as a unique cultural and humanities nexus for Wake Forest University, while attracting tourists and garden enthusiasts from the Southeast. This roadmap will guide future improvements to the historic Reynolda estate that will inform land use, sustainable infrastructure, explorations of connectivity to adjacent properties including the Wake Forest and Graylyn estate, visitor experience, and overall functionality. The plan will provide a framework for Reynolda’s aspirations over the next twenty-five years. 

Recently Funded Projects

  • New Water Fountain – located near the pathway leading to the East Garden Feature; includes a bottle filling station and a low fountain for our four-legged friends
  • Restoration of the Pink & White and Blue & Yellow Gardens – included reworking soils, fertilizing, and adding perennials