Tips for Holiday Wreath-Making Success

Written by Michelle Hawks, Lead Horticulturist

Holiday wreath-making at the Gardens has become a new Christmas tradition for many. When we started the wreath workshop four years ago, we allowed twenty people per class. We thought we would give it a try to see if the community would even like it. Well, this class has grown like sand on the beach. Last year we had nearly one hundred people. The one word we hear the most to describe the workshop experience is tradition. Mothers and daughters, sisters, and co-workers make a point to continue the wreath-making tradition together. I have noticed the wreath class is more than a workshop, it’s a place for destressing, laughter, and togetherness. 

When you first come to a class, I typically hear these two things: “Where do I start?” and “I am not creative.” The great thing about this class is that we cut all the greenery; you can just pick what you want from the large variety we offer. I tell people we all are creative, but some just need a push to get them in a creative state of mind. 

I suggest the first thing is to lay all your greenery on the wreath and get a feel of what it will look like. Move the greenery around or add more to it. Think about adding a bow, lights, feathers, pinecones, or ornaments. One of my favorite touches is to add spray-painted limelight hydrangeas; you can never have too much gold or silver at Christmastime! 

Once you have decided how you want your greenery to be placed, you begin to wire it. You must wire your greenery to the wreath to keep it in place. You can wire in bundles or single pieces around the wreath—it’s really a personal preference. Once all your greenery is wired, then you can decide if you want to add any bows or other material. Finally, you can decide whether to hang it or use it for a centerpiece. 

I tell people to add their personalities to the wreath and make it fun. We all need to destress from time to time and this is one class that will make you laugh. This holiday season, I hope you will start or continue this tradition with us!

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