Virtual Read-Aloud: Lost and Found

Early Childhood Specialist Janie Bass needs your help to find her dog, Buddy! Along the way, you will reunite others with their furry friends and help a lost penguin find their way home.

so hello and welcome to the reynolda read-aloud this month we’re going to be exploring the concept of lost and found it’s the perfect concept for this month because i’m out here trying to find my dog buddy he’s lost can you help me call his name [Music] thank you well i’m gonna keep looking for buddy but can you help a little boy named doug find his dog you can great thanks well i’ll keep looking for buddy while you help doug see you in a little bit will you help doug find his dog by jane caston this is doug he lost his dog poor dog can you find doug who do you think that is one of the dogs or this little boy you’re right it’s the little boy hey will you help doug find his dog you will great i wonder what doug’s dog looks like let’s ask doug can you ask him what does your dog look like doug he says my dog is scruffy so doug’s dog is a scruffy dog can you try to give it a call say here’s gruff to all the scruffy dogs let’s see what happens oh wow good job here they come i wonder which one belongs to doug does your dog have spots doug yes my dog has spots can you find the spotted dogs can you give the spotted dogs a pat a gentle bat good job ah they like that one of these dogs must belong to doug what size is your dog dog is he big or small my dog is small let’s find the small dogs can you tickle the small dogs gently that’s it they love being tickled what else can you tell us about your dog doug can you ask him can you say what else can you tell us about your dog dog let’s listen doug says my dog has a big wet nose and a long tail can you find him give the dog with a big wet nose and the long tail a big ergus oh he’s giving you a big kiss too hey doc is this your dog no this dog is scruffy and spotted and small this dog has a big wet nose and a long tail but my dog is white not brown oh dear this dog is very dirty and very wet give the book a great big shake go ahead or shake yourself shake shake shake shake look does the dog look the same or different is it still all brown or is it a different color now oh what do you think is gonna happen based on what you see in this picture right now look doug says yes that’s my dog you found doug’s dog now doug is happy and look he’s getting a big kiss too thank you uh oh where do you think doug’s dog is going it seems to me he is running to play in the big mud puddle and i think that might have been the problem to begin with bye dog bye doug’s dog oh stay out of that mud puddle thank you so much for helping doug find his dog i know he really appreciated it well i’m still out here trying to find buddy i’m starting to get a little nervous about it

i miss him well i’m gonna keep walking around looking for buddy but i’m gonna let ms cynthia teach you a chant about bees that are hidden away i hope you all find them see you soon this is a chant about bees so get your fingers ready here is the beehive but where are the bees hidden away where nobody sees watch and you’ll see them come out of their hive one two three four five [Music] one two three four five oh hello there i got sidetracked learning that chant with cynthia wow well i’m still out here looking for buddy i’ve been walking around but i haven’t seen him while i continue to look i’ll let you listen to a story called lost and found it’s a simple story with glowing illustrations that tell the story about an unlikely friendship that once it was found it could never be lost i hope you enjoy and found by oliver jeffers once there was a boy who found a penguin at his door the boy didn’t know where it had come from but it began to follow him everywhere the penguin looks sad and the boy

thought it must be lost so the boy decided to help the penguin find his way home he checked in the lost and found office but no one was missing a penguin he asked some birds if they knew where penguins came from but they ignored him some birds are just like that the boy asked his duck but the duck floated away he didn’t know either that night the boy couldn’t sleep for

disappointment he wanted to help the penguin but he wasn’t sure how the next morning he discovered that penguins come from the south pole but how could he get there he ran down to the harbor and asked a big ship to take him to the south pole but his voice was much too small to be heard over the ship’s horn together the boy decided he and the penguin would row to the south pole so the boy took his rowboat out and tested it for size and strength he told stories to the penguin to help

pass the time then they packed everything they would need and push the rowboat out to sea they rode south for many days and many nights there were lots of times for stories and the penguin listened to everyone so the boy would always tell another

they floated through good weather and bad when the waves were as big as mountains until finally they came to the south pole

the boy was delighted but the penguin said nothing suddenly it looked sad again as the boy helped it out of the boat then the boy said goodbye and floated away when he looked back the penguin was still there but it looked sadder than ever it felt strange for the boy to be on his own there was no point telling stories now because there was no one to listen except the wind and the waves instead he just thought and the more he thought the more he realized he had made a big mistake the penguin hadn’t been lost it had just been lonely quickly he turned the boat around and rode back to the south pole as fast as he could at last he reached the pole again but where was the penguin the boy searched and searched but he was nowhere to be found sadly the boys set off for home but then the boy saw something in the water ahead of him closer and closer he got until he could see the penguin oh look at them and so the boy and his friend went home together talking of wonderful things all the way what a sweet story but it really makes me miss my buddy can you guys help me call him again buddy buddy oh where is my dog he’s lost i don’t know if i’m gonna find him what body oh my for goodness buddy this is my top buddy oh my goodness buddy oh look guys it’s buddy thank you so much for helping me find him buddy can you say hello hello oh my goodness buddy you were lost but now i found you i found my dog thank you guys so so much for helping me find buddy well we buddy wanted to say thank you i know buddy you appreciated them helping well thank you guys so much for joining us and we hope that you’ll join us next time as we continue to explore and learn see you next time goodbye

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