Reynolda Read-Aloud

Join us for story time at Reynolda House! Held on the front lawn, every Reynolda Read-Aloud is a new adventure filled with stories, songs, and suggested at-home activities.

Plus, this program is a wonderful way to nurture your child’s imagination and prepare them for reading.

Spring Read-Alouds
February 18 & 19: Big and Small
March 18 & 19: Head and Toes
April 8: Gardening
May 20: Food
June 17 & 18: Weather

Virtual Read-Aloud Lost and Found

Early Childhood Specialist Janie Bass needs your help to find her dog, Buddy! Along the way, you will reunite others with their furry friends and help a lost penguin find their way home.

Virtual Read-Aloud: Counting

Early Childhood Specialist Janie Bass leads the way to the world of numbers—and counting!

Virtual Read-Aloud: Birds

One of the sweetest sounds of spring? Birds chirping, of course! Early Childhood Specialist Janie Bass shares stories, songs, and suggested at-home activities that are bird themed.

Youth & Family Events

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Jul 20, 2024, 10:00am — 11:30am

Reynolda Discovery Lessons promote reading readiness and visual literacy for preschoolers through dramatic play, music, movement, and artmaking, using a work of art or item from Reynolda’s colle…

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